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Once upon a time

The comics made this afternoon at Once Upon a Time.
An exhibition about story telling with the folks from Collaborating Cambridge .
At the new Cambridge Art Salon gallery.

And very nice they are too.
Thank you to everyone who turned up on such a windy day.

telling-tales-comic-workshop-001 telling-tales-comic-workshop-007 telling-tales-comic-workshop-006 telling-tales-comic-workshop-005 telling-tales-comic-workshop-004 telling-tales-comic-workshop-003 telling-tales-comic-workshop-002

Comic strips from an evening with Dr Doodley

The results of a fun session at Dr Doodleys Drink and Draw
How it works is The first person draws the first panel of the comic strip. The second person draws the second panel. They then fold over and hide the first panel before handing it too the third person. So on and so forth.

dr-doodley-comic-strip033 dr-doodley-comic-strip032 dr-doodley-comic-strip031 dr-doodley-comic-strip030 dr-doodley-comic-strip029 dr-doodley-comic-strip028 dr-doodley-comic-strip027 dr-doodley-comic-strip026 dr-doodley-comic-strip025 dr-doodley-comic-strip024 dr-doodley-comic-strip023 dr-doodley-comic-strip022 dr-doodley-comic-strip021 dr-doodley-comic-strip020 dr-doodley-comic-strip019 dr-doodley-comic-strip018 dr-doodley-comic-strip017 dr-doodley-comic-strip016 dr-doodley-comic-strip015 dr-doodley-comic-strip014 dr-doodley-comic-strip013 dr-doodley-comic-strip012 dr-doodley-comic-strip011 dr-doodley-comic-strip010 dr-doodley-comic-strip009 dr-doodley-comic-strip008 dr-doodley-comic-strip007 dr-doodley-comic-strip006 dr-doodley-comic-strip005 dr-doodley-comic-strip004 dr-doodley-comic-strip003 dr-doodley-comic-strip002 dr-doodley-comic-strip001


If you like doodling then Dr Doodles is a great place to doodle.
Find out more on their Facebook page