What is Telling Tales?

It’s a not for profit, social enterprise, art project that hopes to have a small community book shop and a free to use pop in studio space in Cambridge one day.

It’s for people who live, work, play and study in and around Cambridge.

It’s for people who like to make art out of stories and stories out of art.

It’s for anyone with any kind of tale to tell. Using any kind of art, in any way possible.

Main aims

The first aim is to make and publish little books about an individual or a group in and around Cambridge.

The book can then be sold to raise some money to help fund the individuals or groups artistic needs. Buying art materials, going on a course and the many other list of things.

The books will hopefully build up to be a mini library about the wide ranging and diverse lives lived by the people of Cambridge.

The idea is that if we find out a bit about each other then maybe we will understand each other a little better.

Peace on Earth and things like that.

The second aim is to run a pop in free to use art group. A place where people can meet, make art and socialize.

There is a need for a safe and supportive place where people feel free to creatively express themselves.

The third, forth and fifth aims are a long way off but it would be a good thing if there was a permanent space for creative people to use.

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